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DMX Core 100

Standalone Wall Controller sACN/ArtNet

This is a standalone wall lighting controller with a 4.3" touchscreen that can be mounted in a 2-gang electrical box and powered over Ethernet (or 8-28VDC input). Similar to Enttec S-PLAY and CueServer, but with a touch-friendly user interface and complete remote access/control. Record custom shows from your lighting software and store on the DMX Core 100 and you can trigger playback from the touch buttons, schedule, over Web Api and future triggers like OSC and HTTP interface).


  • High quality sACN and ArtNet stream playback. Target 40+ universes

  • 4.3" touchscreen to trigger cues and presets

  • Remote access via BalenaCloud (includes 1 year cloud access)

  • Full control via Web UI and API

  • Customizable for integrators

  • RTC clock with battery backup, plus network sync for accurate clock

  • Power over Ethernet or 8-28VDC power input

  • 1 GbE Ethernet connector

  • MicroSD and USB-A for file storage/boot image loading

  • Supports USB DMX output via Enttec Pro/DMXking USB device (up to 4 universes)

  • Remote software upgrade (1 year upgrades included)

DMX Core Pico 2

Raspberry Pi Pico based controller with two fully isolated DMX512 ports. Write your own firmware and drop it onto the controller when connected to your computer (mounts as a USB flash drive and takes UF2 files. Both DMX512 ports are isolated and can be configured to be either input or output. Four digital inputs and four outputs are also on the board that allows you full control in your code. For example you could connect a button to send out DMX data when pushed. Or control the digital outputs from DMX.


  • 2x DMX512 ports, can be independently configured as input or output

  • 3-pin connectors for DMX, same as for the DMXking products

  • 7-28VDC power supply, or power via USB-C

  • 4x input pins, 3-24VDC input

  • 4x output pins, sinking for up to 30VDC

  • Takes standard RPi Pico programming

  • Includes USB cable, power and DMX connectors

  • Can be DIN-rail mounted, or surface/wall mounted

  • Typical power consumption 30mA at 12V, less than 1w

DMX Core Utility

Test Utility for DMX512/sACN hardware

DMX Core Utility Application screenshot


  • Transmitter with built-in patterns for both DMX light fixtures and pixels

  • Supports any start universe id (1 - 63,999)

  • Supports up to 100 universe (mirrored output)

  • Optional sACN sync packets generated (to simultaneously output on multiple universes)

  • Select between one-shot mode and infinite loop

  • Control the speed of the patterns from 10% to 500%

  • Highly accurate 40 Hz DMX512 standard output frequency with low CPU usage


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